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Event Space Application

The E.M. Tobias Family Center has several options available for rent. The space is awarded to individuals or organizations that have properly completed and submitted a Rental Request Application. For long term, reoccurring rentals, a Certificate of Insurance is also required.

  • We encourage requests be made at least 14 days prior to activity date.

  • After submitting the below form, a representative of the E.M. Tobias Family Center will reach out to confirm availability, or suggest another date if the space is already reserved for that date and time.

  • Upon approval, your payment receipt will act as a confirmation and rental security.

Facility Use Guidelines

  • Applicants are responsible for enforcing adherence to all rules, and communicating all rules to additional participants and attendees.

  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted in, or on, the E.M. Tobias Family Center property.

  • No tobacco products are permitted in, or on, E.M. Tobias Family Center property.

  • Applicants are prohibited from operating concessions in the E.M. Tobias Family Center building without the required permits.

  • Any applicant reported for improper or unauthorized use of facilities not consistent with the policies covered in this agreement will be subject to cancellation of their agreement. The E.M. Tobias Family Center reserves the right to deny, put on probation, or cancel any facility use agreement for any reasonable cause or violation of this agreement.

  • Groups using the E.M. Tobias Family Center facilities and event spaces are expected to treat the facilities respectfully. Decorations must be temporary. All decorations/signage must be attached in a non-destructive manner. Painter's tape or temporary removable hangers are suggested.

  • Any damage that may result through usage is the responsbility of the individual(s) requesting the space.

  • Applicants are responsible for "crowd control" and any abuse of the facilities that may occur.

  • Applicants are responsible to return the facilities to the condition they were found in.

By filling out the application below you acknowledge:

I have read and understand the guidelines and expectations associated with space rental of the E.M. Tobias Family Center. I have reviewed these guidelines and agree to inform all members of its contents and to assure that applicant(s) enforces and follows all provisions of this agreement.

Type of Event
Non-Profit Status

I acknowledge I have read, and agree to abide by, the Facility Use Guidelines listed above.

Guidelines Acknowledgement

Thanks for submitting!

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