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This building is the first family center dedicated to the health and wellness of children, youths, adults and families in Washington County, Maryland.

All of the organizations under the roof of the E.M. Tobias Family Center are in some way tailored to improve the health and well being of those in our community. That's why we call it the Family Center, to emphasize the care all of the organizations within have for their clients.




The E.M. Tobias Family Center symbolizes a profound legacy of the generosity of Charles “Charlie” Tobias and his unselfish desire to promote a healthy vision for our community.

The vision begins with redefining the bricks and mortar of this building to become a family center that provides optimism and opportunity to all who enter.

Charlie Tobias’s purposeful donation to PCMS toward this building provides the roots to this vision and it will continue to grow into a flourishing haven of care for children, youth, and families. Those in need may enter feeling broken physically, mentally, emotionally, but they will quickly find kindness and acceptance within these walls. Each branch and leaf that sprouts from these roots will be used to support and strengthen families through comprehensive healing and mending of brokenness.


The E.M. Tobias Family Center was established on a belief that our communities will be healthier for having a center that contains organizations to answer any needs of the community.

  • Diverse options of organizations

  • Modern Facility

  • Community Focused

  • Friendly staff

  • Located in the heart of Hagerstown, MD


Our Tenants

Our tenants are the key members of our building community. Together, with them and the essential services they provide, we are creating a family-centered space that is positively influencing generations by practically offering the necessary mental, physical, emotional, and economic support we all need to become a healthier, more vibrant community.  

Our Partners

The E. M. Tobias Center is not alone in our mission to influence Generations and improve the lives of those in our communities. Many individuals and organizations have joined us in the mission and we are grateful for their support.


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322-324 East Antietam Street Hagerstown, MD 21740


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